Our Company

Atlas Logistics Ltd acts as intermediaries / agent between importers and exporters; the company seeks out and then coordinates the most cost effective and fitting way to move goods between nations.  ATLAS coordinates the shipment of the goods from the factory, arrange to have the cargo loaded onto the vessel, and process the documentation on the shipment.


Atlas Logistics Ltd is not a typical carrier, but it provides expertise in supply chain management. In other words, Atlas Logistics Ltd is a “travel agent,” for the cargo industry. The company is used as an export freight agent, moving goods out of a country on behalf of exporters or shippers, or an import freight agent, customs clearance agent or custom broker, bringing goods into the country on behalf of importers.

The following figure explains the chain of activities that the company follows when forwarding an import cargo:

Atlas Logistics is a global leader in international transport & logistics. Constantly adapting to its customers’ changing needs, the company has enriched its expertise to become a tier-one supply chain partner and one of the top 10 transport and logistics companies in the world with the largest integrated logistics network in Africa.​ Atlas Logistics delivers custom-fit solutions with a high added value that draw on an in-depth experience and understanding of different industries, as well as the constant quest for improvement and optimisation that is central to the company’s own culture and values.

01.We Are Innovative & Professional
02.We Are Always Improving
03.We Are Honest And Dependable
Our mission

Atlas Logistics Ltd will simplify logistics and freight forwarding to customers, by becoming their partner in operating efficiently and reliably. Atlas Logistics Ltd will use smart management of logistics, on-time and accurate deliveries from destination to destination.

Key to success

The keys to success in freight forwarding business are:

  1. Robust communication systems between the company, third party partners and clients.
  2. Setting delivery schedules that can be met (i.e. setting the right expectations).
  3. Hiring, training and retaining reliable staff.
Darrius Gisson
Business man

Thank you so much for a job well done….
On time and on task.

Claude Uwibambe
Tesco Industries

Wonderful custmer service and realtime update
Very fast on delivery and quick paperwork.

International recognition and client trust
JUNE 2017
Ideas is Conceived to setup the biggest logistics firm in the region
Nov 2017
Company Registration and formal setup of the firm. Opening up different regional offices
DEC 2017
Open doors for our first 11 Customers
FEB 2018
Open Dubai office to our custmers
Dec 2018
Our Anniversary as we reach hit 100 containers a month in sales
DEC 2019
2 Year Anniversary, we receive our 1000th customers.We are growing bigger and stronger